Outline of the state of Massachusetts
Covers abstinence

Sexual Health Education Abstinence—MS

Sexual Health Education Abstinence—MS

State law covers abstinence.

Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum Framework

Reproduction/Sexuality involves physical development, emotions, and social elements. Instruction incorporates aspects of biology, psychology, sociology, literature, the arts, and philosophy.

The study of Reproduction/Sexuality provides young people with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed choices. It addresses decisions about abstaining from and postponing sexual intercourse. Knowledge about how to avoid sexually transmitted infections that endanger one's health and well being as well as that of a partner is an important component of instruction. Communication skills can support such decisions. Addressing Reproduction/Sexuality in an appropriate and factual fashion leads to informed young people, increasing the likelihood of students making healthy decisions. It is particularly important in Reproduction/Sexuality to consider developmental appropriateness. Topics generally covered in Reproduction/Sexuality include: Development and Wellness.

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