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Sexual Health Education General—HS

Sexual Health Education General—HS

State law addresses at least one component of a comprehensive sex education curriculum, appropriate to grade level.

Code of the District of Columbia 38–824.02. Physical and health education requirements.

(b-2)(1)(A)Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, as part of the health curriculum for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12, public schools and public charter schools shall provide age- and developmentally-appropriate, evidence-based culturally responsive instruction on:

  • (i)Recognizing and reporting sexual misconduct and child abuse;

    • (ii)Setting and respecting appropriate personal and body boundaries and privacy rules;

    • (iii)Communicating with adults about concerns regarding body boundaries or privacy violations;

    • (iv)The meaning of consent;

    • (v)Developing and maintaining healthy relationships; and

    • (vi)Other appropriate topics to support the healthy development of students.

(2)For the purposes of this subsection, the term:

  • (A)“Consent” means words or overt actions indicating a freely given agreement to a physical act or contact within the course of an interpersonal relationship. Consent to a physical act orcontact may be initially given but withdrawn at any time. Lack of verbal or physical resistance or submission by the victim due to his or her mental or physical incapacitation or impairment, or the use of force, threats, or coercion shall not constitute consent. Past words or actions indicating freely given agreement to a past physical act or contact shall not constitute consent to a future physical act or contact.

  • (B)“Health education Standard” means the specific learning requirements related to health that the Office of the State Superintendent of Education requires students to learn at each academic level, from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

(c)The Healthy Youth and Schools Commission, with assistance from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, shall consider ways to expand physical education in high schools.

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District of Columbia Municipal Regulations 2304 Comprehensive School Health Education

2304.3 The Superintendent shall ensure that health instruction as defined in this section is taught through the use of appropriate monitoring and establishment of minimum proficiencies or learning outcomes in at least eleven (11) content areas including the following:

  • (a) HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases;

  • (b) Human sexuality and family;

  • (c) Prevention and control of disease;

  • (d) Nutrition and dietary patterns that contribute to disease;

  • (e) Tobacco, alcohol, and other drug education;

  • (f) Physical education;

  • (g) Parenting;

  • (h) Coping with life situations;

  • (i) CPR, first aid, safety; injury and violence prevention;

  • (j) Consumer health; and

  • (k) Environmental health.

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District of Columbia Municipal Regulations 2305 Human Sexuality and Reproduction

2305.1 The D.C. Public Schools, while recognizing that primary responsibility for educating children in this area rests with parents, shall offer, as part of the regular curriculum, instruction in human sexuality and reproduction which shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  • (a)Information on human anatomy, physical changes during adolescence, menstruation, intercourse, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, venereal disease, contraception, abortion, homosexuality, reduction of infant mortality, improvement of pregnancy outcomes, and awareness and prevention of rape and other sex offenses; and

  • (b)Discussion of the process of making personal decisions in matters involving parenting and sexuality.

2305.2 Human sexuality and reproduction course content shall be taught sequentially in grade levels pre-K through twelve (12). The content of the courses shall be appropriate to the age group of the students receiving instruction.

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