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Preventive Health Screenings in ES—BMI

Preventive Health Screenings in ES—BMI

State law addresses body mass index screening or requires height AND weight measurement.

Texas Education Code Sec. 38.102. ADOPTION OF ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENT.

(a) The commissioner by rule shall adopt an assessment instrument to be used by a school district in assessing student physical fitness under this subchapter. (b) The assessment instrument must:

  • (1) be based on factors related to student health, including the following factors that have been identified as essential to overall health and function:
  • (A) aerobic capacity;
  • (B) body composition; and
  • (C) muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility; and
  • (2) include criterion-referenced Standard specific to a student’s age and gender and based on the physical fitness level required for good health.
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