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School Nurse Professional Development

School Nurse Professional Development

State law addresses providing professional development to all school nurses.

The Vermont Statutes 16-031-001-1388 Stock supply and emergency administration of epinephrine auto-injectors

(f) On or before January 1, 2014, the State Board, in consultation with the Department of Health, shall adopt policies for managing students with life-threatening allergies and other individuals with life-threatening allergies who may be present at a school. The policies shall:

  • (1) establish protocols to prevent exposure to allergens in schools;
  • (2) establish procedures for responding to life-threatening allergic reactions in schools, including postemergency procedures;
  • (3) implement a process for schools and the parents or guardians of students with a life-threatening allergy to jointly develop a written individualized allergy management plan of action that:
  • (A) incorporates instructions from a student's physician regarding the student's life-threatening allergy and prescribed treatment;
  • (B) includes the requirements of section 1387 of this title, if a student is authorized to possess and self-administer emergency medication at school;
  • (C) becomes part of the student's health records maintained by the school; and
  • (D) is updated each school year;
  • (4) require education and training for school nurses and designated personnel, including training related to storing and administering an epinephrine auto-injector and recognizing and responding to a life-threatening allergic reaction; and
  • (5) require each school to make publicly available protocols and procedures developed in accordance with the policies adopted by the State Board under this section.
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