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School Nurse Professional Development

School Nurse Professional Development

State law addresses providing professional development to all school nurses.

West Virginia Code 18-5-22. Medical and dental inspection; school nurses; specialized health procedures; establishment of council of school nurses.

(g) There shall be a council of school nurses which shall be convened by the State Board of Education. This council shall prepare a procedural manual and shall provide recommendations regarding a training course to the Commissioner of the Bureau for Public Health who shall consult with the State Department of Education. The state board then has the authority to promulgate a rule in accordance with the provisions of article three-b, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code to implement the training and to create Standard used by those school nurses and school employees performing specialized health procedures. The council shall meet every two years to review the certification and training program regarding school employees.

(h) The State Board of Education shall work in conjunction with county boards to provide training and retraining every two years as recommended by the Council of School Nurses and implemented by the rule promulgated by the state board.

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