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Corrective Action Plan for Non-Compliance

Corrective Action Plan for Non-Compliance

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Code of State Rules 126-85-89. Corrective Action

89.1. If, during an On-Site Visit, a need for corrective action is found, the problem is noted on the Plan of Corrective Action form WVDE-ADM- 42.  Written response by the administrator is required within ten working days.

89.2. If, on the day of the review, the meals served do not meet USDA requirements for meal components and quantities, the entire reimbursement for the date of the visit will be deducted from the current claim for reimbursement.

89.3. Errors found during the review of free and reduced price meal applications are listed on the Form WVDE-ADM-43 (Noted Exceptions).  The current monthly claim for reimbursement will be corrected through the day of the review.  The reviewing official shall calculate the amount of overpayment or underpayment for meals claimed during the previous months and adjustments will be made by the WVDE finance office.  Form WVDE-ADM-44 will be completed and a copy given to the SFA.

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