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District of Columbia
Requires flavored milk to be nonfat

School Meals—Milk Fat

School Meals—Milk Fat

State law requires that flavored milk be limited to nonfat varieties.

Code of the District of Columbia 38–822.02. Nutritional Standard for school meals.

(b) In addition to the requirements of subsection (a) of this section, breakfast, lunch, after-school snacks and suppers, and summer meals served to students in public schools, public charter schools, and participating private schools or by organizations participating in the Afterschool Meal Program or the Summer Food Service Program shall meet or exceed the following nutritional requirements:

  • (1) All milk shall be unflavored; and

  • (2)(A) All grain products shall be whole grain-rich.

    • (B) For the purposes of this paragraph, the term "whole grain-rich" means that the product contains at least 50% whole grains and the remaining grains in the product must be enriched.
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