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South Dakota
Limits use with some protections

Restraint and Seclusion

Restraint and Seclusion

State law requires districts to adopt policies that limit use of restraint and seclusion without addressing comprehensive student protections.

South Dakota Codified Laws 13-32-20 Policy for school district employees on use of restaint and seclusion

The school board of each school district shall adopt or revise a school district policy for school district employees on the use of restraint and seclusion. The policy shall contain the following provisions:

  • (1) A procedure for notifying the parent or guardian of the student, unless the student is emancipated, of an incident requiring the use of restraint or seclusion;
  • (2) A prohibition on the use of prone restraint, defined as physical pressure applied to any part of the student’s body to keep the student in a face down position on the floor or other surface, except when the use is necessary and reasonable in manner and moderate in degree; and
  • (3) A prohibition on the use of involuntary confinement of a student locked alone in a room, unless there is a clear and present danger.
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