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Bullying Policy—Scope

Bullying Policy—Scope

State law defines the scope of where the anti-bullying policy applies.

Code of the District of Columbia 2-1535.03. Bullying prevention policy.

(a) Within 365 days of September 14, 2012, in coordination with the task force established pursuant to § 2-1535.02, each agency, educational institution, and grantee shall adopt a bullying prevention policy to be enforced:

  • (1) On its property, including electronic communication on, or with, its property;
  • (2) At sponsored functions;
  • (3) On its transportation, or transportation sponsored by it; and
  • (4) Through electronic communication to the extent that it is directed at a youth and it substantially interferes with the youth’s ability to participate in or benefit from the services, activities, or privileges provided by the agency, education institution, or grantee.
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District of Columbia Municipal Regulations 1502 Adoption of a Bullying Prevention Policy

1502.3 A covered entity’s bullying prevention policy shall at a minimum include the following elements: (d) A statement that the policy applies at all of the locations listed in § 1501; […]

1502.4 Each covered entity's bullying prevention policy shall apply at the following locations: (a) On the covered entity's property, including buildings, fields, parking lots, and walkways; (b) At events sponsored by the covered entity, including sponsored events held off the property of the covered entity; (c) On any vehicle used for transportation by or on behalf of the covered entity, including transportation for sponsored events of youth; and (d) At any transit stop at which youth wait to be transported to the covered entity or an event sponsored by the covered entity.

1502.5 Each covered entity's bullying prevention policy shall apply to cyberbullying sent from or to someone at a location listed in § 1502.4, whether or not the communications device is owned or leased by the covered entity. Cyberbullying is defined as any bullying done through electronic means which meets the definition in § 1502.1, including, but not limited to, social media, electronic mail (email), texting or tweeting.

1502.6 Bullying which occurs on-site, but involves off-site activities, is prohibited if it creates a hostile environment at the covered entity for the target or witnesses of bullying, or impedes or interferes with a youth's ability to participate at the covered entity.

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