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Reengagement Plans for Suspended or Expelled Students

Reengagement Plans for Suspended or Expelled Students

State law encourages districts to adopt plans or policies to support students’ return to school following suspension or expulsion.

Florida Statutes 1001.43 Supplemental powers and duties of district school board.

The district school board may exercise the following supplemental powers and duties as authorized by this code or State Board of Education rule. (7) FIRST AID AND EMERGENCIES.—The district school board may adopt programs and policies to ensure appropriate response in emergency situations; the provision of first aid to individuals, the student body, and school personnel; and the effective management of student illness, which programs and policies may include, but are not limited to:

  • (a) The provision of first aid and emergency medical care and the provision of school health care facilities and services.
  • (b) The provision of school safety patrol.
  • (c) Procedures for reporting hazards, including threats of nature, bomb threats, threatening messages, and similar occurrences, and the provision of warning systems including alarm systems and other technical devices.
  • (d) Procedures for evacuating the classrooms, playground, or any other district facility.
  • (e) Procedures for reporting accidents, including traffic accidents and traffic violations involving district-owned vehicles.
  • (f) Student insurance programs.
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