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Wellness WSCC Council—District Level

Wellness WSCC Council—District Level

State law requires creation of health or wellness council at the district-level.

Arkansas Administrative Rules 005.01.008 Nutrition and Physical Activity Standard

7.05.2 The parent and student must show that attending physical education classes will violate the student's religious beliefs and would not be merely a matter of personal objection. The parent or student must be members of a recognized religious faith that objects to physical education as part of its official doctrine or creed.

7.05.3 The local school board of directors shall encourage a student granted a waiver under Section 7.05 of these rules to take, as an alternative to physical education, appropriate instruction in health education or other instruction in lifestyle modification if an exemption is granted

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Arkansas Code 20-7-135. Nutrition and physical activity Standard -- Implementation

(e) Every school district shall:

  • (1) Convene a school nutrition and physical activity advisory committee that shall include members from school district governing boards, school administrators, food service personnel, teacher organizations, parents, students, and professional groups such as nurses and community members to:

    • (A) Help raise awareness of the importance of nutrition and physical activity; and

    • (B) Assist in the development of local policies that address issues and goals, including but not limited to the following:

      • (i) Assisting with the implementation of nutrition and physical activity Standard developed by the school nutrition and physical activity advisory committee with the approval of the division and the State Board of Health;

      • (ii) Integrating nutrition and physical activity into the overall curriculum;

      • (iii) Ensuring that professional development for staff includes nutrition and physical activity issues;

      • (iv) Ensuring that students receive nutrition education and engage in healthful levels of vigorous physical activity;

      • (v) Improving the quality of physical education curricula and increasing training of physical education teachers;

      • (vi) Enforcing existing physical education requirements; and

      • (vii) Pursuing contracts that both encourage healthy eating by students and reduce school dependence on profits from the sale of foods of minimal nutritional value;

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