Outline of the state of Pennsylvania
Addresses coordinated school health

WSCC Framework Reference

WSCC Framework Reference

State law addresses Coordinated School Health, but not WSCC.

Pennsylvania Unconsolidated Statutes Article XIV Section 1422.3. Duties of Department of Education.

(6) In collaboration with the advisory health councils created in section 1422,4 the department shall develop guidelines for managing life-threatening food allergies in schools which shall be published on the department's Internet website. The guidelines shall be published on the department's Internet website no later than January 31, 2011. The guidelines shall assist school districts in addressing the following:

  • (i) The scope of the problem of childhood allergies and its impact on school student health.
  • (ii) Types of detailed policies and protocols to help prevent allergic reaction emergencies and deaths from anaphylaxis in schools.
  • (iii) The systematic planning and multidisciplinary team approach needed prior to school entry by the student with life-threatening food allergies.
  • (iv) The school district staff's role and necessary training in preventing exposure to specific allergens.
  • (v) Responsibilities of the parent or guardian, school staff and the student's primary care provider for notice, consentand documentation of administration of medication to a school student with a food allergy.
  • (vi) Emergency response protocols should a life-threatening allergic event occur.
  • (vii) The roles of specific staff members in the care of the student with a life-threatening allergic condition.
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