Outline of the state of Montana

Community Involvement in Local Governance

Community Involvement in Local Governance

State law encourages community member representation on school governance councils or in school improvement planning efforts.

Administrative Rules of Montana 10.55.801 School climate

(1)The local board of trustees shall:

  • (a) develop policies, procedures, and rules that respect the rights of all learners, and promote an awareness of and concern for the well-being of others, and address bullying, intimidation, and harassment of students and school personnel;
  • (b) create teaching and learning conditions that meet the district's educational goals and recruit and maintain a quality staff;
  • (c) offer programs and services which, in content and presentation, endeavor to be free of stereotyping in terms of age, sex, religion, race, national origin, or handicapping condition;
  • (d) provide programs and services that meet the needs of students which the school has identified as at-risk;
  • (e) inform students, parents, families, and guardians of the school's expectations and of students' rights and responsibilities;
  • (f) encourage students to take responsibility for their education, including preparing for and participating in class and school activities, taking full advantage of learning services provided, helping design their educational goals, and conducting themselves respectfully and appropriately;
  • (g) encourage the active involvement of parents, families, and guardians in their children's education and in their school; and
  • (h) provide opportunities for parents, families, guardians, educators, and members of the community to take active roles in developing and reviewing district and school educational goals.
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