Outline of the state of Kansas

Community Service Education—Service Learning

Community Service Education—Service Learning

State law encourages districts to implement community service education or service learning programs.

Kansas Statutes 72-3232. Community service programs; duties of state board.

(a) The state board of education shall provide for a community service program to be offered to all accredited high schools in this state.

(b) As used in this section, the term “community service” means a service performed by a high school student, without monetary compensation or remuneration, for the purpose of benefiting the student’s community. The service performed may include, but not by way of limitation, mentoring or tutoring elementary school pupils, assisting in a nursing home or adult care center, providing lawn care or performing other tasks for senior citizens or disabled persons, assisting in a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen, organizing or assisting in fund raisers for disaster victims and other needy persons, assisting community-based nonprofit agencies that provide programs and services for low-income people, the disabled and the elderly, assisting fraternal organizations in charitable activities.

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