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Community Service Education—Service Learning

Community Service Education—Service Learning

State law requires districts to implement community service education or service learning programs, or encourages and offers student incentives for participation (e.g., recognition programs or course credit).

8 New York Codes, Rules and Regulations 100.6 High school exiting credentials.

(3) (ii) the school district has evidence that the student has demonstrated commencement level knowledge and skills relating to the career development and occupational studies learning Standard set forth in section 100.1(t)(1)(vii)(a), (b) and (c) of this Part, including but not limited to career development, integrated learning and the universal foundation skills; and the student has successfully completed in grades 9-12 not less than the equivalent of two units of study in career and technical education course(s) and/or work-based learning experiences. The equivalent units of study shall be earned through coursework in career and technical education and/or work-based learning experiences, provided that the equivalent units of study shall include a minimum of 54 hours of documented school supervised work-based learning experiences related to career awareness, exploration and/or preparation which may, but are not required to, be completed in conjunction with the student's career and technical education course(s). For purposes of this subdivision:

  • (1) career and technical education course(s) means a grade 9-12 course or courses in career and technical education, as defined in section 100.1(l) of this Part, that consists of specialized and integrated courses that are approved by the local board of education or by the Department pursuant to section 100.5(d)(6)(iv); and
  • (2) work-based learning experiences include, but are not limited to, job shadowing, community service, volunteering, service learning, senior project(s) and/or school based enterprise(s), which shall be provided, consistent with Department guidelines, under the supervision of the district and documented in the student's transcript;
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