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Professional Development for Trauma

Professional Development for Trauma

State law requires districts to provide professional development for school personnel on trauma-informed practices.

Colorado Revised Statutes 22-60.5-110. Renewal of licenses

… (c) In selecting professional development activities for the renewal of a professional license pursuant to this section, each licensee shall choose those activities that will aid the licensee in meeting the Standard for a professional educator, including but not limited to the following goals: ...

  • (XI) Awareness of warning signs of dangerous behavior in youth and situations that present a threat to the health and safety of students and knowledge of the community resources available to enhance the health and safety of students and the school community, youth mental health, safe de-escalation of crisis situations, recognition of signs of poor mental health and substance use, and support of students. Training provided pursuant to this subsection (3)(c)(XI) must be provided using culturally responsive and trauma- and evidence-based practices ...
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