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Professional Development for Trauma

Professional Development for Trauma

State law requires districts to provide professional development for school personnel on trauma-informed practices.

Code of Virginia § 22.1-298.1. Regulations governing licensure.

  1. Every person seeking initial licensure or renewal of a license with an endorsement as a school counselor shall complete training in the recognition of mental health disorder and behavioral distress, including depression, trauma, violence, youth suicide, and substance abuse.
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Virginia Administrative Code 8VAC20-23-130. Professional Studies Requirements for Early/Primary Education, Elementary Education, and Middle Education Endorsements

Professional studies requirements for early/primary education, elementary education, and middle education: 21 semester hours. These requirements may be taught in integrated coursework or modules.

    1. Human development and learning (birth through adolescence): 3 semester hours.
  • a. Skills in this area shall contribute to an understanding of the physical, social, emotional, speech and language, and intellectual development of children and the ability to use this understanding in guiding learning experiences and relating meaningfully to students.
  • b. The interaction of children with individual differences - economic, social, racial, ethnic, religious, physical, and cognitive- should be incorporated to include skills contributing to an understanding of developmental disabilities and developmental issues related to, but not limited to, low socioeconomic status; attention deficit disorders; developmental disorders; gifted education, including the use of multiple criteria to identify gifted students; substance abuse; trauma, including child abuse and neglect and other adverse childhood experiences; and family disruptions.
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