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School-based or School-linked Mental Health Services

School-based or School-linked Mental Health Services

State law requires districts to establish school-based or school-linked mental health promotion and intervention programs.

New Hampshire Administrative Rules Ed 306.25 Comprehensive School Psychological Services.

(a) If a district employs a school psychologist as an optional service pursuant to RSA 189:49, IV, the Standard in (b)-(e) below shall apply. Nothing in this section shall prevent a school district from contracting services with a qualified school psychologist. (b) Employing school districts shall require that school psychological services are provided by certified school psychologists in a coordinated, organized fashion, and are deployed in a manner that results in the provision of a comprehensive continuum of services. Comprehensive school psychological services shall be based on this section and The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) Model for Comprehensive and Integrated School Psychological Services, published by NASP in 2010 as referenced in Appendix II. (c) The school psychologist shall provide comprehensive psychological services throughout various learning environments to help children and youth develop academic, social, behavioral, and emotional competence through:

  • (1) Data-based decision making and accountability methods that use psycho-educational assessment results, data collection strategies, and technology resources to design and implement services and programs and to evaluate outcomes;
  • (2) Consultation, collaboration, and communication with educators, families, health care professionals including mental health, social services and other systems to promote effective and coordinated implementation of services;
  • (3) Interventions and instructional supports to develop academic skills, incorporating available research and assessment data to develop and implement evidence based instructional strategies designed to support students' cognitive and academic skills;
  • (4) Interventions and mental health services to develop social and life skills in collaboration with others, using assessment and data collection methods to implement and evaluate developmentally appropriate services that support socialization, learning, and mental health;
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