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Requires practicum or internship

School Counseling Staff Qualifications

School Counseling Staff Qualifications

state statutes or regulations recommends minimum certification standards that include advanced coursework and graduate degree requirements for counselors and completion of a practicum or internship.

Arizona Administrative Code R7-2-617 Title 7. Education Chapter 2. State Board of Education Article 6. Certification - Other Professional Certificates

A. All certificates are subject to the general certification provisions in R7-2-607 and the renewal requirements in R7-2-619.

B. Standard School Counselor Certificate - grades PreK-12.

    1. The school counselor certificate is optional but may be required by local governing boards.
    1. The requirements are:
      • a. A master’s or more advanced degree,
      • b. Completion of a graduate program in guidance and counseling,
      • c. A valid fingerprint clearance card issued by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, and
      • d. One of the following:
      • i. Completion of a supervised counseling practicum in school counseling;
      • ii. Two years of verified, full-time experience as a school counselor; or
      • iii. Three years of verified teaching experience.
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