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Advanced coursework

School Counseling Staff Qualifications

School Counseling Staff Qualifications

state statutes or regulations recommends minimum certification standards that include advanced coursework and degree requirements for counselors.

Indiana Administrative Code 511 15-6-34 School services: school counselor

(a) The content area "school services: school counselor" shall appear on the license if the department determines the applicant successfully completes the following:

  • (1) A master's degree from an approved school counselor program or, if already degreed, has completed additional course work from an approved school counselor program.

  • (2) Successfully completes the school counselor assessment under 511 IAC 15-7-2.

(b) The holder of a license with a content area of school services: school counselor is eligible to serve as a school counselor in prekindergarten through grade 12, and the setting "P-12" shall appear on the license.

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School Counselor Job Description

Model job description to comply with indiana law having a designated counselor.

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