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Staff Wellness Program

Staff Wellness Program

State law recommends wellness program for school staff.

Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:17.6. Targeted coordinated school health program

(1) The state Department of Education, subject to rules and regulations developed, adopted, and promulgated by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act and in consultation with the state Department of Health, shall establish and administer a targeted coordinated school health program, referred to in this Section as the “program”.

(2) The program shall be established for the purpose of reducing childhood obesity and shall bring together school administrators, teachers, other school employees, students, families, and community members to assess health needs, set priorities, and plan, implement, and evaluate school health activities directed toward this purpose.

(3) The program may be implemented by the governing authority of each public elementary and secondary school.

(4) Program components shall include but need not be limited to the following:

  • (a) Health education.
  • (b) Physical education.
  • (c) Health services.
  • (d) Nutrition services.
  • (e) Counseling, psychological, and social services.
  • (f) A healthy and safe school environment.
  • (g) Health promotion for school employees.
  • (h) Family and community involvement.
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