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Professional Development on Family Engagement

Professional Development on Family Engagement

State law encourages districts to provide professional development for school personnel on parent and family engagement.

Michigan Compiled Laws 380.1525 Funds to support professional development and education

(1)  State and federal funds appropriated by the legislature to support professional development and education may be used for the following:

  • (a)  Professional development programs for administrators and teachers. These programs shall emphasize the improvement of teaching and pupils’ learning of academic core curriculum objectives, as measured by the Michigan student test of education progress (M-STEP), the Michigan merit examination, and other criterion – reference assessments; collaborative decision-making; site-based management; the process of school improvement; instructional leadership; and the use of data and assessment instruments to improve teaching and learning for all pupils.

  • (b)  A biennial education policy leadership institute. The state board shall organize and convene a biennial education policy leadership institute for the governor, the lieutenant governor, the state board, the state superintendent, the legislature, and the presidents of the state board approved teacher education institutions, and the staff of each as may be considered appropriate, to examine the most current public education policy issues and initiatives and the appropriate role of policy leaders.

  • (c)  A statewide academy for school leadership established by the state board.

  • (d)  A principal leadership academy. The department, in collaboration with statewide associations of school principals, shall establish the principal leadership academy. The principal leadership academy shall consist of training for school principals that is conducted by other school principals who have a record of demonstrated success in improving pupil performance. The department shall solicit input from school district superintendents and intermediate superintendents to compile a list of successful school principals who would likely be effective in conducting the training at the principal leadership academy and shall select school principals to conduct the training from this list. The training shall include all aspects of successful school leadership, including at least all of the following:

  • (i)  Strategies for increasing parental involvement.

  • (ii)  Strategies for engaging community support and involvement.

  • (iii)  Creative problem-solving.

  • (iv)  Financial decision-making.

  • (v)  Management rights and techniques.

  • (vi)  Other strategies for improving school leadership to achieve better pupil performance.

  • (e)  Community leadership development. The state board, in conjunction with intermediate school districts, shall conduct a leadership development training program in each school district for members of the community.

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Parent and Family Engagement Plan Template

Template addresses providing professional development for staff on effective ways to increase parental involvement.

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