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Professional Development on Family Engagement

Professional Development on Family Engagement

State law encourages districts to provide professional development for school personnel on parent and family engagement.

Arizona Revised Statutes 15-102. Parental involvement in the school; definition

B. The policy adopted by the governing board pursuant to this section may also include the following components:

    1. A plan by which parents will be made aware of the district’s parental involvement policy and this section, including:
      • (a) Rights under the family educational rights and privacy act of 1974 (20 United States Code section 1232g) relating to access to children’s official records.
      • (b) The parent’s right to inspect the school district policies and curriculum.
    1. Efforts to encourage the development of parenting skills.
    1. The communication to parents of techniques designed to assist the child’s learning experience in the home.
    1. Efforts to encourage access to community and support services for children and families.
    1. The promotion of communication between the school and parents concerning school programs and the academic progress of the parents’ children.
    1. Identifying opportunities for parents to participate in and support classroom instruction at the school.
    1. Efforts to support, with appropriate training, parents as shared decision-makers and to encourage membership on school councils.
    1. The recognition of the diversity of parents and the development of guidelines that promote widespread parental participation and involvement in the school at various levels.
    1. The development of preparation programs and specialized courses for certificated employees and administrators that promote parental involvement.
    1. The development of strategies and programmatic structures at schools to encourage and enable parents to participate actively in their children’s education.
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