Kentucky - HE K-12 curriculum—benefits of physical activity (MS): Curricula

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State law addresses physical activity.

Kentucky Academic Standards for Middle School Health Education

B. PL-6-PW-S-PPHI: Skills and Concepts – Personal and Physical Health

Students will…

PL-6-PW-S-PPH1: understand the importance of assuming responsibility for personal health behaviors: (NHES: 5)

  • PL-6-PW-S-PPH1.a: predict how decisions regarding health behaviors (e.g., hygiene, diet, exercise) have consequences for self and others (NHES: 5)

  • PL-6-PW-S-PPH1.b: analyze personal decisions that impact an individual’s emotional, sexual and reproductive health (e.g., abstinence) (NHES: 5)

  • PL-6-PW-S-PPH1.c: explain how rights and responsibilities are interrelated (NHES: 7)

PL-6-PW-S-PPH2: explore and analyze how an individuals behaviors and choices of diet, exercise and rest affect the body (NHES: 7)

PL-6-PW-S-PPH3: analyze various communication methods and barriers for expressing health information and ideas (NHES: 3, 4)

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