Minnesota - HE K-12 curriculum—ES: Curricula

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State law requires elementary HE curriculum.

2018 Minnesota Statutes. 120B.021 Required academic Standards.

Subdivision 1. Required academic standards. a) The following subject areas are required for statewide accountability:

  • (1) language arts;
  • (2) mathematics;
  • (3) science;
  • (4) social studies, including history, geography, economics, and government and citizenship that includes civics consistent with section 120B.02, subdivision 3;
  • (5) physical education;
  • (6) health, for which locally developed academic standards apply; and
  • (7) the arts, for which statewide or locally developed academic standards apply, as determined by the school district. Public elementary and middle schools must offer at least three and require at least two of the following four arts areas: dance; music; theater; and visual arts. Public high schools must offer at least three and require at least one of the following five arts areas: media arts; dance; music; theater; and visual arts.

2018 Minnesota Statutes. 120A.22 Compulsory Instruction.

Subdivision 9. Knowledge and skills. Instruction must be provided in at least the following subject areas:
(1) basic communication skills including reading and writing, literature, and fine arts;
(2) mathematics and science;
(3) social studies including history, geography, economics, government, and citizenship; and
(4) health and physical education.
Instruction, textbooks, and materials must be in the English language. Another language may be used pursuant to sections 124D.59 to 124D.61.

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