Kentucky - HE K-12 curriculum—health eating/nutrition (ES): Curricula

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State law addresses healthy eating/nutrition.

Kentucky Academic Standards for Primary Health Education

B. PL-P-PW-S-PPH: Primary Skills and Concepts - Personal and Physical Health

Students will…

PL-P-PW-S-PPH6: describe how diet, exercise, and rest affect the body (NHES: 7)

Kentucky Academic Standards for Primary Health Education

2.PL-P-N: Nutrition (Health Education)

Big Idea:

Proper nutrition is critical to good health. To maintain a healthy weight, good dietary habits and physical activity are essential. Nutritious foods are necessary for growth, development and maintenance of healthy bodies.

Academic Expectations

2.29 Students demonstrate skills that promote individual well-being and healthy family relationships.

2.31 Students demonstrate the knowledge and skills they need to remain physically healthy and to accept responsibility for their own physical well-being.

3.2 Students demonstrate the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

5.1 Students use critical thinking skills such as analyzing, prioritizing, categorizing, evaluating, and comparing to solve a variety of problems in real-life situations.

5.4 Students use a decision-making process to make informed decisions among options

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