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Health Education K-12 Curriculum—Suicide Prevention—MS

Health Education K-12 Curriculum—Suicide Prevention—MS

State law addresses suicide prevention.

Florida Administrative Code 6A-1.094122 Mental and Emotional Health Education.

(1)School districts must annually provide a minimum of five hours of instruction to students in grades 6-12 related to youth mental health awareness and assistance, including suicide prevention and the impacts of substance abuse.

(2)Using the health education Standard adopted in Rule 6A-1.09401, F.A.C., Student Performance Standard, the instruction for youth mental and emotional health will advance each year through developmentally appropriate instruction and skill building and must address, at a minimum, the following topics:

  • (a)Recognition of signs and symptoms of mental health disorders;

  • (b)Prevention of mental health disorders;

  • (c)Mental health awareness and assistance;

  • (d)How to reduce the stigma around mental health disorders;

  • (e)Awareness of resources, including local school and community resources;

  • (f)The process for accessing treatment;

  • (g)Strategies to develop healthy coping techniques;

  • (h)Strategies to support a peer, friend, or family member with a mental health disorder;

  • (i)Prevention of suicide; and

  • (j)Prevention of the abuse of and addiction to alcohol, nicotine, and drugs.

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Florida Health Education Standard

GRADE: 6 HE.6.C.1.In.d Recognize health problems and concerns common to adolescents, including reproductive development, acne, eating disorders, suicide/depression, and changes related to puberty.

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