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Health Education K-12 Curriculum—Suicide Prevention—MS

Health Education K-12 Curriculum—Suicide Prevention—MS

State law addresses suicide prevention.

Louisiana Administrative Code 28 LIX 309. Requirements

H. In 2001, through Senate Bill No. 792, guidelines were established for the development of youth suicide prevention programs as required in R.S. 17:282.3. Some features of this bill include the involvement of the Department of Education in developing Standard for these programs, classroom instruction integrated into the curriculum, and access to prevention services. Some of the instructional topics suggested for prevention in S.B. No. 792 are:

    1. encourage sound decision-making and promote ethical development;
    1. increase student awareness of the relationship between drug and alcohol use and suicide;
    1. teach students to recognize signs of suicidal tendencies; and
    1. inform students of the available community suicide prevention services.
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