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Chronic Conditions—Allergy Plan

Chronic Conditions—Allergy Plan

State law addresses allergy plans.

Code of Alabama 16-1-48 Anaphylaxis preparedness program.

(a) The State Department of Education shall develop an anaphylaxis preparedness program to be adopted by each local board of education and implemented in each K-12 public school commencing with the 2015-2016 scholastic year. The Alabama State Board of Pharmacy shall provide guidance, direction, and advice to the State Department of Education in developing and administering the anaphylaxis preparedness program.

(b) The anaphylaxis preparedness program shall incorporate the following three levels of prevention initiated by licensed public school nurses as a part of the health services program:

  • (1) Level I, primary prevention: Education programs that address food allergies and anaphylaxis through both classroom and individual instruction for staff and students.
  • (2) Level II, secondary prevention: Identification and management of chronic illness.
  • (3) Level III, tertiary prevention: The development of a planned response to anaphylaxis-related emergencies in the school setting.
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