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Chronic Conditions—Allergy Plan

Chronic Conditions—Allergy Plan

State law addresses allergy plans.

RCW 28A.210.380

(1) The office of the superintendent of public instruction, in consultation with the department of health, shall develop anaphylactic policy guidelines for schools to prevent anaphylaxis and deal with medical emergencies resulting from it. The policy guidelines shall be developed with input from pediatricians, school nurses, other health care providers, parents of children with life-threatening allergies, school administrators, teachers, and food service directors. The policy guidelines shall include, but need not be limited to:

  • (a) A procedure for each school to follow to develop a treatment plan including the responsibilities for [of] school nurses and other appropriate school personnel responsible for responding to a student who may be experiencing anaphylaxis;
  • (b) The content of a training course for appropriate school personnel for preventing and responding to a student who may be experiencing anaphylaxis;
  • (c) A procedure for the development of an individualized emergency health care plan for children with food or other allergies that could result in anaphylaxis;
  • (d) A communication plan for the school to follow to gather and disseminate information on students with food or other allergies who may experience anaphylaxis;
  • (e) Strategies for reduction of the risk of exposure to anaphylactic causative agents including food and other allergens.
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