Pennsylvania - Preventive health screenings in HS: Standards

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regulation; statute

State law requires a health screening prior to entry (which may or may not specifically include one of the exams listed below).

The Pennsylvania Code § 23.5. Hearing screening tests.

(d) Pupils to be tested. Each year, pupils in kindergarten, special ungraded classes and grades one, two, three, seven and 11 shall be given a hearing screening test.

The Pennsylvania Code § 23.4. Vision screening tests.

Vision screening tests shall be conducted annually by a nurse, teacher or medical technician. The Snellen Chart or other screening device approved by the Department of Health shall be utilized for vision screening.

Pennsylvania Unconsolidated Statutes Article XIV Section 1402. Health Services.

(a) Each child of school age shall be given by methods established by the Advisory Health Board, (1) a vision test by aschool nurse, medical technician or teacher, (2) a hearing test by a school nurse or medical technician, (3) a measurement of height and weight by a school nurse or teacher, who shall use the measurement to compute a child's weight-for-height ratio, (4) tests for tuberculosis under medical supervision, and (5) such other tests as the Advisory Health Board may deem advisable to protect the health of the child. Vision tests shall be given at least annually and other tests at intervals established by the Advisory Health Board
Pennsylvania General Assembly

Pennsylvania Unconsolidated Statutes Article XIV Section 1402. Health Services.

(e) The school physicians of each district or joint board shall make a medical examination and a comprehensive appraisal of the health of every child of school age, (1) upon original entry into school in the Commonwealth, (2) while in sixth grade, (3) while in eleventh grade, and (4) prior to the issuance of a farm or domestic service permit unless the child has been given a scheduled or special medical examination within the preceding four months. The health record of the child shall be made available to the school physician at the time of the regularly scheduled health appraisals.
Pennsylvania General Assembly

The Pennsylvania Code § 23.2. Medical examinations.

(a) Medical examinations as required by § 23.1 (relating to required health services) shall be provided on original entry into school, in grade six and in grade 11.

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