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Preventive Health Screenings in HS—BMI

Preventive Health Screenings in HS—BMI

State law addresses body mass index screening or requires height AND weight measurement.

West Virginia Code 18-2-7a. Legislative findings; required physical education; program in physical fitness.

(e) The state board shall promulgate a rule in accordance with the provisions article three-b, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code that includes at least the following provisions to provide for the collection, reporting and use of body mass index data in the public schools:

  • (1) The data shall be collected using the appropriate methodology for assessing the body mass index from student height and weight data;

  • (2) The data shall be collected on a scientifically drawn sample of students;

  • (3) The data shall be collected and reported in a manner that protects student confidentiality;

  • (4) The data shall be reported to the Department of Education; and

  • (5) All body mass index data shall be reported in aggregate to the Governor, the State Board of Education, the Healthy Lifestyles Coalition and the Legislative Oversight Commission on Health and Human Resources Accountability for use as an indicator of progress toward promoting healthy lifestyles among school-aged children.

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