New Hampshire - Competitive foods—HS: Federal requirement

Federal Requirement
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State law requires that food and beverages sold outside of school meal program meet federal Smart Snacks nutrition standards.

New Hampshire Administrative Rules Ed 306.11 Food and Nutrition Services

(g) The policy relative to distribution of healthy foods and beverages that create a healthy environment required by Ed 306.04(a)(21) shall include:

  • (1) Standards for nutrient dense foods and beverages for learning level needs of elementary, middle and high school as identified and defined by 7CFR Part 210.10;

  • (2) Portion size for nutrient dense foods and beverages in schools which support the framework for healthier food choices in all school environments;

  • (3) Nutrition targets for foods and beverages made available outside the federally regulated school meals program.The targets shall follow those developed by a nationally recognized research-based organization, such as but notlimited to USDA, or as determined by the department to have standards equivalent to the USDA;

  • (4) Developmentally appropriate opportunities to learn food preparation skills that support nationally recognized research-based nutrition standards; and

  • (5) Annual communication information about the policy and procedure and related curricula to the school community, including, but not limited to school staff, school board, parents and students.

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