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Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment

State law prohibits the use of corporal punishment for disciplinary purposes without exception.

Revised Code of Washington 28A.150.300 Corporal punishment prohibited—Adoption of policy.

The use of corporal punishment in the common schools is prohibited. The superintendent of public instruction shall develop and adopt a policy prohibiting the use of corporal punishment in the common schools. The policy shall be adopted and implemented in all school districts.

Policy Type

Washington Administrative Code 392-400-825 Corporal punishment, restraint, and isolation.

(1) Corporal punishment. A school district may not administer corporal punishment, including any act that willfully inflicts or willfully causes the infliction of physical pain on a student. Corporal punishment does not include:

  • (a) The use of reasonable physical force by a school administrator, teacher, school personnel or volunteer as necessary to maintain order or to prevent a student from harming themselves, other students, school personnel, or property;
  • (b) Physical pain or discomfort resulting from or caused by training for or participation in athletic competition or recreational activity voluntarily engaged in by a student; or
  • (c) Physical exertion shared by all students in a teacher-directed class activity, which may include, but is not limited to, physical education exercises, field trips or vocational education projects.
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