Outline of the state of Indiana

Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment

State law permits the use of corporal punishment for disciplinary purposes.

Indiana Code 20-33-8-8 Responsibilities of school corporation and students — Rights of school corporation personnel.

(a) Student supervision and the desirable behavior of students in carrying out school purposes is the responsibility of:

(1) a school corporation; and (2) the students of a school corporation. (b) In all matters relating to the discipline and conduct of students, school corporation personnel: (1) stand in the relation of parents to the students of the school corporation; (2) have the right to take any disciplinary action necessary to promote student conduct that conforms with an orderly and effective educational system, subject to this chapter; and (3) have qualified immunity with respect to a disciplinary action taken to promote student conduct under subdivision (2) if the action is taken in good faith and is reasonable. (c) Students must: (1) follow responsible directions of school personnel in all educational settings; and (2) refrain from disruptive behavior that interferes with the educational environment.

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