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Authorized with comprehensive student protections

Student Searches

Student Searches

State law authorizes districts to adopt policies or rules addressing search and seizure that include comprehensive student protections.

Pennsylvania Unconsolidated Statutes 2016 Act 86. Section 510.2. Publication of Rules Regulations and Policies.

The board of school directors of a school district shall post on its publicly accessible Internet website the following rules, regulations and policies to the extent that they are required to be adopted by the school district under Federal or State law: (1) The following relating to students:

  • (i) Admission of beginners.
  • (ii) Attendance, excusals and truancy.
  • (iii) Withdrawal from school.
  • (iv) Student discipline.
  • (v) Suspension and expulsion of students.
  • (vi) Searches.
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The Pennsylvania Code § 12.14. Searches

(a) The governing board of every school entity shall adopt reasonable policies and procedures regarding student searches. The local education agency shall notify students and their parents or guardians of the policies and procedures regarding student searches. (b) Illegal or prohibited materials seized during a student search may be used as evidence against the student in a school disciplinary proceeding. (c) Prior to a locker search, students shall be notified and given an opportunity to be present. When school authorities have a reasonable suspicion that the locker contains materials that pose a threat to the health, welfare or safety of students in the school, student lockers may be searched without prior warning.

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