Outline of the state of Oregon
Authorized with comprehensive student protections

Student Searches

Student Searches

State law authorizes districts to adopt policies or rules addressing search and seizure that include comprehensive student protections.

Oregon Administrative Rules 581-021-0050 Minimum Standard for Student Conduct and Discipline

(1) School district boards shall prepare written rules of pupil conduct and discipline that shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following topics:

  • (a) Assembly of students;
  • (b) Dress and grooming;
  • (c) Motorized and nonmotorized vehicles;
  • (d) Search and seizure;
  • (e) Attendance;
  • (f) Freedom of expression;
  • (g) Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco;
  • (h) Student records;
  • (i) Discipline, suspension, and expulsion. (2) School district rules pertaining to these topics shall include statements on student rights, responsibilities, and conditions which create a need for these rules.
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