Outline of the state of Indiana
Authorized with minimal protections

Student Searches

Student Searches

State law authorizes districts to adopt policies or rules addressing search and seizure without addressing student protections or requiring minimal protections only.

Indiana Code 20-33-8-32 Locker searches

(a) A school corporation must provide each:

  • (1) student; and
  • (2) student’s parent; a copy of the rules of the governing body on searches of students’ lockers and locker contents. (b) A student who uses a locker that is the property of a school corporation is presumed to have no expectation of privacy in:
  • (1) that locker; or
  • (2) the locker’s contents. (c) In accordance with the rules of the governing body, a principal may search:
  • (1) a student’s locker; and
  • (2) the locker’s contents; at any time. (d) A law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over the geographic area having a school facility containing a student’s locker may:
  • (1) at the request of the school principal; and
  • (2) in accordance with rules of the governing body of the school corporation; assist a school administrator in searching a student’s locker and the locker’s contents.
Policy Type

Search and Seizure in the Schools

Lockers in schools should be considered private, and their contents should be free from unreasonable search and seizure

Policy Type