Outline of the state of Idaho

Bullying Policy—Review and Update

Bullying Policy—Review and Update

State law addresses accountability by requiring districts to review and update anti-bullying policies and/or to submit policies to the state for review and approval.

Idaho Administrative Code Safe Environment and Discipline.

Each school district will have a comprehensive districtwide policy and procedure encompassing the following:

  • School Climate
  • Discipline
  • Student Health
  • Violence Prevention
  • Possessing Weapons on Campus
  • Substance Abuse - Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drugs
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Student Harassment
  • Drug-free School Zones
  • Building Safety including Evacuation Drills
  • Relationship Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Districts will conduct an annual review of these policies and procedures. (See Section 33-1612) Effective date (3-20-14)
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