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Encourages or requires comprehensive student supports

Chronic Absenteeism Early Warning Systems

Chronic Absenteeism Early Warning Systems

State law encourages or requires districts to address truancy or chronic absenteeism through the provision of comprehensive student support services.

New Hampshire Administrative Rules Ed 306.04 Policy Development.

(a) In accordance with Ed 303.01, the local school board shall adopt and implement written policies and procedures relative to:

  • (1) Absenteeism and attendance; [...] (c) The policy relative to absenteeism and attendance shall specify procedures for the accountability and supervision of students. The policy relative to absenteeism shall not penalize students who miss class or a required school event because of a school scheduling conflict. Districts shall implement a cooperative approach which places responsibility for notification when a student is tardy, absent, or dismissed on both the parents/guardians and the school.
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New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated 189:34 Appointment.

I. School boards shall appoint truant officers for their districts.

II. School board policies on truancy shall include but not be limited to:

  • (a) A definition of “excused absence” and a process for considering exceptions to absences not otherwise excused.
  • (b) A process for intervention designed to address individual cases of truancy as quickly as possible and to reduce the number of habitual truants in the school district. The process shall consider whether school record keeping practices and notification provided to parents or guardians of the child’s absences have an effect on the child’s attendance. The board shall provide for the participation of parents in the development of the policy. The policy shall include early parental involvement in the intervention process. The policy shall also designate an employee in each school as the person responsible for truancy issues.
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