Outline of the state of Arkansas
Encourages or requires comprehensive student supports

Chronic Absenteeism Early Warning Systems

Chronic Absenteeism Early Warning Systems

State law encourages or requires districts to address truancy or chronic absenteeism through the provision of comprehensive student support services.

Arkansas Code 6-18-226. Community truancy boards -- Members -- Duties

(a) The local school district boards of directors may create a community truancy board or may use other boards that exist or are created such as diversion boards. However, a diversion or other existing board must agree before it is used as a community truancy board.

(b) Members of the community truancy board shall be selected from representatives of the community.

(c) Duties of a community truancy board shall include, but not be limited to, recommending methods for improving school attendance such as assisting the parent or the child to obtain supplementary services that might eliminate or ameliorate the causes for the absences or suggesting to the school district that the child enroll in another school, an alternative education program, an education center, a skill center, a dropout prevention program, or another public or private educational program.

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