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District of Columbia

Wellness Policy

Wellness Policy

State law requires that each school district adopt a local wellness policy.

Code of the District of Columbia 38–826.01. Local wellness policies.

(a) As required by federal law, each local educational agency shall collaborate with parents, students, food service providers, and community organizations to develop, adopt, and update a comprehensive local wellness policy. Local wellness policies shall be revised at least once every 3 years.

(b) Local wellness policies shall include:

  • (1) The requirements set forth in federal law; and

  • (2) Goals for:

  • (A) Improving the environmental sustainability of schools;

  • (B) Increasing the use of locally grown, locally processed, and unprocessed foods from growers engaged in sustainable agriculture practices;

  • (C) Increasing physical activity; and

  • (D) Developing and implementing an Environmental Literacy Program.

(c) Public schools and public charter schools shall promote their local wellness policy to faculty, staff, parents, and students. A copy shall be:

  • (1) Posted on each school’s website, if it has one;

  • (2) Distributed to food service staff members;

  • (3) Distributed to the school’s parent/teacher organization, if it has one; and

  • (4) Made available in each school’s office.

(d)(1) The Office of the State Superintendent of Education shall review each local wellness policy to ensure that it complies with federal requirements and shall examine whether schools comply with their policies.

  • (2) The Office of the State Superintendent of Education may deem a school ineligible for grants from the Healthy Schools Fund if the Office of the State Superintendent of Education finds that the school's local wellness policy does not conform with the federal requirements or that the school has not complied with its local wellness policy.
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