Outline of the state of Utah
Authorized and Encouraged

Community Use of Public School Facilities

Community Use of Public School Facilities

State law encourages and/or incentivizes the community use of school buildings and property for recreation or other purposes.

Utah Administrative Code R277-113-7. School Sponsored Activities.

(4) An LEA or individual public school shall comply with the following regarding school and nonschool sponsored activities:

  • (a) An LEA may establish LEA specific rules or polices designating categories of school sponsored activities or groups and establishing LEA policy regarding use of facilities or LEA resources.
  • (b) An LEA may enter into contractual agreements to allow for fundraising and use of LEA facilities.
  • (i) An agreement under Subsection (4)(a) shall take into consideration the LEA's fiduciary responsibility for the management and use of public funds.
  • (ii) An LEA should consult with the LEA's insurer or legal counsel, or both, to ensure risks are adequately considered and managed;
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Utah Code 53G-7-209. Use of public school buildings and grounds as civic centers.

(1) As used in this section, “civic center” means a public school building or ground, including a charter school building or ground, that is established and maintained as a limited public forum for supervised recreational activities and meetings. (2) Except as provided in Subsection (3), all public school buildings and grounds shall be civic centers. (3) The use of school property as a civic center:

  • (a) may not interfere with a school function or purpose; and
  • (b) is considered a permit for governmental immunity purposes for a governmental entity under Subsection 63G-7-201(4)(c). (4) The organizer of an event may not use a civic center unless the organizer resides within the geographic boundaries of the school district in which the civic center is located.
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