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Policies or Plans to Encourage Community Involvement

Policies or Plans to Encourage Community Involvement

Topic is not addressed in state statutes or regulations, but is addressed in non-codified policy.

Engaging Families and Communities

This document addresses policies to encourage community involvement

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Utah Code 53E-2-304 School district and individual school powers — Plan for college and career readiness definition.

(1) In order to acquire and develop the characteristics listed in Section 53E-2-302, each school district and each public school within its respective district shall implement a comprehensive system of accountability in which students advance through public schools by demonstrating competency in the core Standard for Utah public schools through the use of diverse assessment instruments such as authentic assessments, projects, and portfolios.


  • (a) Each school district and public school shall:
  • (vii) involve business and industry in the education process through the establishment of partnerships with the business community at the district and school level.
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