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School Counseling Elementary Grade Levels—K-8

School Counseling Elementary Grade Levels—K-8

State law requires the provision of school counseling or guidance services in elementary grade levels (K-8).

Kansas Administrative Regulations 91-31-32. Performance and quality criteria.

(a) Each school shall be assigned its accreditation status based upon the extent to which the school has met the performance and quality criteria established by the state board in this regulation.

(b) The performance criteria shall be as follows:

  • (1) Except as provided in subsection (d), having met the percentage prescribed by the state board of students performing at or above the proficient level on state assessments or having increased overall student achievement by a percentage prescribed by the state board;

  • (2) having 95% or more of all students and 95% or more of each student subgroup take the state assessments;

  • (3) having an attendance rate equal to or greater than that prescribed by the state board; and

  • (4) for high schools, having a graduation rate equal to or greater than that prescribed by the state board.

(c) The quality criteria shall consist of the following quality measures, which shall be required to be in place at each school:

  • (1) A school improvement plan that includes a results-based staff development plan;

  • (2) an external technical assistance team;

  • (3) locally determined assessments that are aligned with the state Standard;

  • (4) formal training for teachers regarding the state assessments and curriculum Standard;

  • (5) 100% of the teachers assigned to teach in those areas assessed by the state or described as core academic subjects by the United States department of education, and 95% or more of all other faculty, fully certified for the positions they hold;

  • (6) policies that meet the requirements of S.B.R. 91-31-34;

  • (7) local graduation requirements that include at least those requirements imposed by the state board;

  • (8) curricula that allow each student to meet the regent's qualified admissions requirements and the state scholarship program;

  • (9) programs and services to support student learning and growth at both the elementary and secondary levels, including the following:

  • (A) Computer literacy;

  • (B) counseling services;

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Kansas Statutes 72-13,103. Elementary guidance programs; cooperative agreements authorized; conditions.

The boards of any two or more school districts may make and enter into agreements providing for cooperative operation and administration of an elementary guidance program on a shared-cost basis. The agreement entered into shall provide for a separate fund of the sponsoring school district, to which each contracting district shall pay the moneys due from it under the agreement. Any school district which is a party to such a cooperative agreement may be designated the sponsoring district under such agreement. Any such agreement shall be subject to change or termination by the legislature. Within the limitations provided by law, any such agreement may be changed or terminated by mutual agreement of the contracting school districts.

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