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School Counseling Elementary Grade Levels—K-8

School Counseling Elementary Grade Levels—K-8

State law requires the provision of school counseling or guidance services in elementary grade levels (K-8).

Administrative Rules of Montana 10.55.1901 School counseling program delivery Standard

(1) In general, school counseling shall:

  • (a) meet the following conditions:
  • (i) provide a comprehensive developmentally planned program;
  • (ii) advocate for all students and encourage students to develop to their full potential;
  • (iii) respect the worth and dignity of all individuals by building trust and respecting confidentiality; and
  • (iv) contribute as an integral part of the education process that is delivered through a variety of systems by school staff, students, parents, business, and industry.
  • (b) include the following practices:
  • (i) maximize students' potential in the areas of academics, career, and personal/social development;
  • (ii) develop a guidance curriculum presented through structured groups and classroom presentations;
  • (iii) conduct individual planning using assessment, advisement, placement, and follow- up;
  • (iv) deliver responsive services through individual and group counseling, consultation, and referral; and
  • (v) provide system support through management, consultation with staff, community outreach, and public relations.
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Administrative Rules of Montana 10.55.710 Assignment of school counseling staff

(1) A minimum equivalent of one full-time counselor for each 400 elementary (K-8) students shall be provided. The counselor/student ratio shall be prorated.

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