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School Counseling Elementary Grade Levels—K-8

School Counseling Elementary Grade Levels—K-8

State law requires the provision of school counseling or guidance services in elementary grade levels (K-8).

Virgin Islands Code 17-003-002 Virgin Islands Student Discipline Policy

Counseling Philosophical Basis Personal concerns of students can seriously limit their educational development. Schools have the responsibility to provide a counseling program, to make relevant the objective information available to students, and to encourage students to use these services.

Student Responsibilities

  • To use guidance services for their own educational and personal improvement.
  • To schedule appointments in advance unless the problem or concern is one of an emergency
  • To work cooperatively with all school personnel

Student Rights

  • To be informed as to the nature of the guidance services available in their school
  • To have access to individual and group counseling
  • To request counseling assistance
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