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Family Engagement in Local Governance

Family Engagement in Local Governance

State law requires parent or family member representation on school governance councils or in school improvement planning efforts.

Arizona Revised Statutes 15-351. School councils; duties; membership

A. The purpose of this section is to ensure that individuals who are affected by the outcome of a decision at the school site share in the decision making process.

B. Each school shall establish a school council. A governing board may delegate to a school council the responsibility to develop a curriculum and may delegate any additional powers that are reasonably necessary to accomplish decentralization. The school council shall take into consideration the ethnic composition of the local community and, except as provided in section 15-352, shall consist of the following members:

    1. Parents or guardians of pupils enrolled in the school. A parent or guardian who is employed by the school district may serve as a member of the school council if the parent or guardian is not employed at the same school where the parent or guardian’s child is enrolled.
    1. Teachers.
    1. Noncertified employees.
    1. Community members.
    1. Pupils, if the school is a high school.
    1. The principal of the school.
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