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State Models and Supports—Family Engagement

State Models and Supports—Family Engagement

State law encourages state agencies to develop models and guidance for districts to promote parent and family engagement, or requires state agencies to disseminate resources.

Family Engagement Best Practices Rubric and Assessment

This rubric assists districts with evaluating the effectiveness of family engagement activities implemented at the school level.

Policy Type

Mississippi Administrative Code 7-3-11.2 Parent

The State Board of Education, in accordance with Section 37-3-73, of the Mississippi Code of 1972, as amended, has established an awards program to reward parents for becoming involved in school improvement efforts. A process has been established which will designate a Parent of the Year in every school district in the state, and will designate one Parent of the Year statewide.

Nomination Form

RETURN TO: Parent of the Year Program

Public Relations

State Department of Education

P.O. Box 771

Jackson, MS 39205

(Please type)

Nominee Name ____

School District _____

County ____

Congressional District

Home Address

Social Security Number ___

Age ____ Marital status _____

Number of children ___

Children's names, ages, occupations (if students, list name of school and grade level)

If married, spouse's name and occupation

Superintendent's Signature ____

Date ___

Nominee's School Improvement Efforts

Describe the school improvement efforts of the Parent of the Year nominee in his/her school district. Include awards and other special recognitions received. Describe involvement in service-oriented activities, such as volunteer work, etc. Be specific describing projects. ( Maximum length: two double spaced pages) Letters of Support - (limit of three letters) please attach to application. Include three letters of support from among the following: superintendent, principal, colleague, PTA president, or civic leader.

Please note:

  1. Please submit original and four copies.
  2. Please provide all information requested in the application form. Do not change or add to the application in any way.
  3. Limit your answers to the number of pages requested. In order to provide all applicants with an equal opportunity, only the number of pages requested will be accepted. Any additional pages and/or materials cannot be presented to the Selection Committee.
  4. Each application must include one photograph. It is not necessary, however, to submit five original pictures. Simply attach one picture to the original application and photocopy the other four. However, if selected Parent of the Year, additional pictures may be requested for publicity purposes.
  5. The application package must be submitted Source: Miss. Code Ann. & 37-1-3 (Revised 6/2012)
Policy Type

Mississippi Code 37-3-61 Alliance for Families programs; authorization; objectives

The State Board of Education may provide for the establishment of an Alliance for Families program for the purpose of mobilizing public and parental support for education and to strengthen communication between the school, student and parents. The program's goal shall be to increase student success in Mississippi public school districts, K-12, by generating focused, effective parent involvement. The objectives of the program shall be as follows:

  • (a) To engage parents in supporting the schools and their children's education.

  • (b) To implement effective home-school communication systems which allow parents to be kept well informed about the school and their children's progress.

  • (c) To train school administrators on successful strategies for involving parents both at home and at school and in developing community support for the schools.

  • (d) To train teachers on successful strategies for communicating with parents and teaching parents to reinforce skills being learned at school.

  • (e) To promote reading as the key curricular activity for parental focus.

  • (f) To involve the business, medical and religious communities in supporting the schools through direct assistance, and to develop positive public relations for the schools in the community.

  • (g) Publication of a resource manual to assist schools and school districts in implementation of Alliance for Families program.

Policy Type

Mississippi Code 37-3-73. Rewarding of parents for involvement in school improvement; parent of year awards.

The State Board of Education shall establish an awards program to reward parents for becoming involved in school improvement efforts. A process shall be established which shall include, but not be limited to, the designation of a parent of the year in every school district in the state and the designation of one (1) “Parent of the Year” statewide.

Policy Type