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Family Engagement Plans

Family Engagement Plans

State law encourages districts to adopt plans, policies, or strategies to engage parents and families in the educational process.

Mississippi Code 37-3-63 Alliance for Families program; procedures for establishment

The procedure for establishing an Alliance for Families program in a district shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:

  • (a) A district assessment which shall include an assessment of school personnel, levels of parent and community support, and the student population; research on school district demographics, attitudes, test scores and the need for parent involvement. Contact shall be made with key persons and school officials in each district and meetings held.

  • (b) A recommendation for a district Alliance for Families program shall be developed which responds to the school district's needs. The plan shall include the district's goals and objectives for implementation of its Alliance for Families program.

  • (c) A project coordinator shall be assigned to school districts based on student population and need, except that each school district shall have one (1) assigned coordinator. The role of the district coordinator shall be to provide support for the project and to ensure continuity of the program. Included in the district coordinator's responsibilities shall be visits to school sites, and meetings with principals, teachers and parents to offer assistance with implementation of the program.

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Mississippi Code 37-3-65. Alliance for Families program; purpose.

It shall be the purpose of the Alliance for Families program to provide on a district level:

  • (a) Enhanced communication with participating principals and teachers;
  • (b) A parent involvement plan tailored to each school’s needs;
  • (c) Assistance with the support and strategies necessary for successful program implementation;
  • (d) Support and assistance in other areas as needed to enhance school-wide effectiveness.
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Mississippi Code 37-3-67. Alliance for Families program; components.

Components of the Alliance for Families program shall include, but shall not be limited to:

  • (a) A signed parent pledge to assist with identification of ways to improve their child’s performance;
  • (b) Folder/notebook that is sent home periodically, but not less than once per month, for parent’s signature;
  • (c) Emphasis on “back to school night” or other family-oriented programs is key parent education events and as a beginning of establishing a partnership with the home;
  • (d) Reading focus programs which require home reading programs;
  • (e) Teacher, principal and parent training on how to participate most effectively in the program;
  • (f) Newsletters to parents on school programs, classroom curriculum, and how parents can reinforce what their child is learning;
  • (g) Home survey to assess parents’ perceptions about communication, school programs and learning strategies for the home;
  • (h) Parent/teacher conferences which involve training parents and teachers in effective conferencing strategies and cooperative methods to achieve student success.
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Mississippi Code 37-3-71 Alliance for Families program; participation by students and school districts; evaluation and report by State Board of Education.

All students in all school districts are eligible to participate in the Alliance for Families program. The number of school districts that may participate shall be determined by the amount of funding. The State Board of Education shall evaluate the Alliance for Families program in participating school districts and shall report to the Legislature and the Governor on or before August 1, 1993, identifying exemplary programs and making recommendations regarding methods and criteria for funding such programs.

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